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Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery

Integral Green Aventurine Necklace


An original elegant neck piece. Combining five interlocking circles specially hand crafted from Green Aventurine semi precious stones. Giving a boost of Green color and attracting attention by its interesting unique shape.

About the stone: Green Aventurine

Designed to balance your emotions. Relaxes you and makes it easy for you to stay connected to people. Enhances your creativity and self-expression. Characterized by a general sense of harmony. Aventurine encourages you to dare to grow and attract new and surprising opportunities to your life.

About the collection:
This necklace in part of the Integral collection which evokes the connection of a women to her inner self. The circles represent wholeness and original perfection. This design reflects both timelessness and infinite beauty. 

All Shapola necklaces are especially hand-crafted using semi-precious stones, pearls, and sea shells pulled together with wax string to create a piece of jewellery that emphasizes your unique personality.

Shapola jewellery is made with the highest standards of quality and each piece is entirely hypo-allergenic.