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"Shapola" is an exclusive boutique for handmade, elegant and powerful jewellery. Shapola believes that every woman is unique and has the ability to highlight uniqueness. With a wide range of powerful jewellery, Shapola emphasizes the unique personality and femininity of every woman, and provides a tool for self-expression and empowerment.

Each piece is hand crafted with love by a women cooperative. The unique knitting and binding technique, precious stones and natural materials create together an impressive and hypo-allergenic piece. Each piece is unique and special. The meaning of the stone, the color and texture are carefully selected and combining them together provides an elegant look and an unforgettable presence.

The jewelry is lovingly made by a female cooperative and part of the profit from each piece is donated to women's empowerment organizations.

You are special, you deserve to stand out. Your Shapola is waiting for you.


About the Founder:

Lilach Moses is a social entrepreneur and a jewelry designer from Tel-Aviv, who is inspired by powerful women and strives to making a change in the social world.

Lilach strives to give women the opportunity to express their uniqueness with the help of unique, recognizable and powerful statement jewelry. She endeavors to create circles of women social empowerment - women design, women create, women acquire and parts of the profits are donated to NGO's that empower women. 
Lilach works to enable a worldwide platform for unique items, made with love by hand by women's cooperatives in the world, that bring joy and beauty with social contribution and added value.

Lilach Moses - Founder of Shapola