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  1. Does your site use Security measures and can I buy safely?

Our site uses top quality SSL security status, as you can see by the green bar in your browser.

This means we are using the most secure systems that are available today.


  1. Are my payment details saved and stored in this site?

No, we do not store any data whatsoever about your payments in our site and we never will.

PayPal administers our payment process, which is the most secure payment gateway available online today.


  1. What should I do if a product I receive is damaged?

We examine each and every item before it is shipped and we pack it with care to ensure it arrives safely. We can assure you that your item has been shipped from our side in a perfect way.

However, if an unexpected incident damages the items during shipment, please follow the steps below.

  1. AContact us- describing the problem, and send photos if possible.
  2. B. We will let you know the best way of shipping the product back.
  3. C. Once the product arrives back to us, we will examine the problem and replace it if necessary.


  1. I have a small shop or am a big jewellery wholesaler. How can I get info about selling your jewellery?

Contact us, send an email directly or contact us via the form on the site.


  1. Will there be any additional custom fees?

Usually, there are no extra custom fees, but each country has different custom laws. Custom fees will be paid by the customer. 


  1. Can I take a shower or go to the beach while wearing the jewellery?

Absolutely not. Water and stone settings don't go well together. The salt and water will cause damage to the beautiful stone setting.


  1. How should I clean the items I bought?

Use any commercial silver cleaning product. Do not immerse the whole product into the cleaning medium. For the best result, and to keep the stone setting beautiful, we recommend to using cream silver cleaners rather than liquids. Remember to only clean the silver parts and not the setting part.


  1. How often does this site get updates and new products?

We try to do an update every week and add new items as often as we can. There are also special promotions and offers that are available to our VIP members. You can use the form on the left of this website to sign up.