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Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery

Authentic Turquoise, Amethyst & beads Necklace


An intricate necklace full of vibrant color. This piece makes a statement through its variety of Turquoise and Amethyst semi-precious combined with colorful green, yellow and light blue beads that come together effortlessly to create an interesting and vibrant look.

About the stones: Turquoise

Provides protection and symbolizes the importance of friendship and trust. Increases you emotional intelligence and your spontaneity. Allows you to connect to your feminine instincts of compassion and forgiveness. Calms the mind and improves your mood. Encourages flow of communication, a sense of wholesomeness and finding your inner truth.


Provides relaxation that allows openness, patience and tolerance. Develops the imagination, intuition and sense of balance that leads to spiritual clarity. Amethyst helps you connect to your intuition and inner voice, and to reach your own personal harmony.

About the collection:
This necklace is a part of the Authentic collection, designed to highlight your natural feminine features. It is available in a wide range of colours and shapes, so you can match it to your own inner voice.

All Shapola necklaces are especially hand-crafted using semi-precious stones, pearls, and sea shells pulled together with wax string to create a piece of jewellery that emphasizes your unique personality.

Shapola jewellery is made with the highest standards of quality and each piece is entirely hypo-allergenic.