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Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery

Sophisticated Howlite Necklace


A chandelier style necklace that is a boost of white color. This piece makes a statement through its many dangling strings of beautiful white Howlite stones designed to embrace your classic and stylish personality.

About the Stone: Howlite

Howlite has a soothing effect. Enhances patience, memory and desire for knowledge. Helps to calm the mind and reduces stress and anxiety. Good for strengthening your creative imagination, especially regarding new areas of life. Connects you to your inner aspirations and ambitions.

About the collection:

This necklace is part of the sophisticated collection due to its elegance and simplicity. The freely strung striking stones create an extraordinary look while obtaining a rich impression of positive energy.

All Shapola necklaces are especially hand-crafted using semi-precious stones, pearls, and sea shells pulled together with wax string to create a piece of jewellery that emphasizes your unique personality.

Shapola jewellery is made with the highest standards of quality and each piece is entirely hypo-allergenic.