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Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery
Statement jewellery

Red Coral Bracelet


A powerful, bold and beautiful Red Coral bracelet. This bracelet makes a statement through its dominant combination of the colours of the Red Coral semi- precious stones and the solid unique shape. This charming easily accessible bracelet is designed to instantly bring attention and boost your look.

About the stone: Red Coral

Balances matter and spirit. Enhances creativity, romantic love and passion. Good for protection against the evil eye. Strengthens optimism and enthusiasm and helps you achieve your goals. Increases your vibrant energy and calms down your fears. Between the balance of passion, matter and spirit, the Red Coral is the ultimate symbol of feminine fulfillment that exists in you.

About the Collection:

The Impressive collection fosters confidence. Each piece demands attention. The solid, singular color boosts energy and esteem. The intensity of the Impressive collection is designed to express boldness and solid energy.

All Shapola Jewellery are especially hand-crafted using semi-precious stones, pearls, and sea shells pulled together with wax string to create a piece of jewellery that emphasizes your unique personality.

Shapola jewellery is made with the highest standards of quality and each piece is entirely hypo-allergenic.